"Put It On Layaway"

Want a watch?

Buying a watch couldn't be easier with our LAYAWAY PROGRAM.

ZB Watches' Layaway program? Want a watch? Put it on Layaway! Buying a watch never looked so easy. ZB Watches. Class on time. zbwatches.com

 -"Can you put a watch on layaway?"-. 
-"With ZB Watches, you totally can!"-.

What do we ask for?

  • 10% Down Payment/Deposit
  • Take three months to pay at your convenience. (Every week/Every two weeks/Every month)
  • The watch is sent within a maximum period of three business days after the last payment.
  • If you decide that you no longer want it, we will refund the sum of all payments less the restocking fee.
  • Make payments via PayPal, Credit Card, Cash (in store)*, MercadoPago**, Zelle or Wise.
  • Contact us at contact@zbwatches.com.
ZB Watches' Put it on Layaway! Want a watch? Buy it in comfortable payments tailored to your needs. Watches on layaway? Only at ZB Watches. zbwatches.com

    *Cash payment method only available for our customers in Mexico City.

    **MercadoPago is only available for our customers in Latin America.