Our Trade-In Program

With our Trade-In Program you can trade-in a watch you own to go against the price of a watch that you want from our extensive and curated catalogue of watches. 

Trade in a watch you own, to buy a brand new watch? How? With ZB watches' "Trade In" Program. ZB watches. Class on time. zbwatches.com

Send us the information following information pertaining to your watch to our email address tradein@zbwatches.com.

  • Watch's Brand.
  • Watch's Series, Model and Reference.
  • Specify if it's a limited edition.
  • Does it present any issues?
  • Send us thorough and detailed pictures of the watch.

After stating an estimate of your watch's price, we will ask you to please send us the watch for a final appraisal from our very own certified and reputable watchmaker. We will respond with the final amount which may be higher or lower depending on the watchmaker's assessment.

        "96Zero's "The Dot" Field Watch.

A purchase link will be issued to you to pay for the watch at a price which will be the result of the MSRP of the watch you want minus (-) the assessed price of the watch you submitted for the trade-in.

Your new watch will be shipped to you that very same day or the next, quickly and at an affordable price.

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